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Passionate about art, education, and making both fun and accessible to all who wish to pursue them!

​I've been drawing for as long as I can remember - any character from TV or film, any idea that popped into my head.  Explaining things to people has always brought me joy when I can help them understand something new.  And I've always had a tendency towards caretaking, especially with younger kids - even when I was still a child, myself!

All of this lead up to studying Comic Book Art and Illustration in college, working in art supply stores and children's art & education centers, face painting and teaching art at park districts, and several stints as a nanny.  Now I'm hoping to solidify all of this experience and use it to build a real career - first as a freelance artist and instructor, and eventually into a physical business where anyone can come in and learn, create, and have a great time doing it!

A few tidbits to help you get to know me



I'm an absolute, unrepentant nerd.  I eat documentaries for breakfast, comic books for lunch, sci-fi or fantasy shows for dinner, and a few obscure musical snacks throughout the day. Above is a 2008 photo of me at a convention with Bruce Timm, producer/art director for the 90's Batman cartoons, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, and Freakazoid! I might've cried a little, lol



I've been a nanny on and off for over half of my life. 

In the last 5 years I've been working with wonderful twin boys and though I've stepped back a bit, I'm still very close with the family.

Wanna know what we get up to?

I literally have 1000+ pictures & videos of our adventures.

Ask me about them! I dare you. You'll be stuck for hours.



I love music.  I played piano and cello for a couple years each, and was in choir for 7 years.  I'm friends with a lot of musicians and am always happy to tag along to open mics and belt out a cover, or hit up a karaoke bar.  If you're curious about my tastes, my last 2 concerts were Joanna Newsom and Tool. Kinda random, I know. 

Bonus! Drawings I've gotten from Students (and a friend)

Click on the image to open at full size!

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