Art is for everyone to enjoy, and for anyone to create.

My main goal is to bring art to the community and take some of the mystery out of it - anyone can be an artist, as anything done well can be considered an art.  It's also a form of communication, and I think one of the most beautiful and healthy ways to express an idea or emotion is by putting it into something physical, even if it's never shared.  It can be a drawing, painting, craft, photograph, sculpture, poem, or song. Bee creative!

Get Your Art On!


Practice Makes Progress

Group or Private lessons for all ages and skill levels,

online via Zoom or in-person


Make it an Arty Party

Face Painting, Speed Portraits, or Painting/Drawing Instruction bring creativity & fun to any gathering


Uniquely Yours

Commission a personalized piece of art for yourself, or as a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special


​View my portfolio by clicking the linked pictures to sub-galleries below, or use the main menu (on mobile, double-tap the images to visit each gallery). This is my own personal work, available as prints upon request.

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